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We are a family owned small breeder on the north eastern plains of Colorado, we strive to create a better dog that is an excellent hunter and family dog and one that is healthy. We also train all of our own dogs and run them in hunt tests in the spring thru the fall. All of our dogs are hunted in the upland and are great waterfowl hunters. Our dogs are a very important part of our lives and live in the house with us, we have kennels set up in our house where they sleep at night. We love spending time with them everyday and watching them in the different hunt tests that they run. With their great personalities Labs make great family pets.







Accomplishments in 2013

Jedi - UH Title, MH Title, HRC 500 Points, 1st Place Master Flushing Wyoming State Pheasant Shoot

Dusty - APR Title

Sage - APR Title, HR Title, 1st Place Master Pointing Wyoming State Pheasant Shoot

Hunter - SHR Title, Junior Hunter Title    Master Pointing Retriever Title

Champ - SHR Title, Junior Hunter Title

Allie - SH Title

Beau - HR Title, 3rd Place Master Pointing Wyoming State Pheasant Shoot

Jake - HRC 500 Points

Blaze - Advanced Pointing Title, Senior  Hunter Title, 2nd Place Ladies Division     Wyoming State Pheasant Shoot  

2014 Accomplishments         

Ike - Grand Master Pointing Retriever Title and 1.5XGMPR, 2XGMPR, 2.5XGMPR and 3XGMPR, 3.5XGMPR and 4XGMPR Titles. Senior Hunter Title, HR Title and HRCH Title.

 Blaze - Master Pointing Retirever Title, GMPR Title, 1.5XGMPR Title

Jake - Master Hunter Title

Hunter - Master Pointing Retriever Title & Grand Master Pointing Retriever Title, 1.5XGMPR, 2XGMPR and 2.5XGMPR Titles. HR and HRCH Titles.

   Beau - MPR Title

   Sage- MPR and GMPR Titles.